There are 61 mathematicians whose last name begin with SWAN.

Swan, Andrew University of Cambridge 2020
Swan, Craig Yale University 1970
Swan, Desmond
Swan, Douglas University of Vermont 1974
Swan, Janis
Swan, Neil University of Pennsylvania 1969
Swan, Paul University of Oregon 1989
Swan, Richard Princeton University 1957
Swan, Scott University of Texas at Austin 1997
Swan, Trevor
Swan, Yves-Caoimhin Université Libre de Bruxelles 2007
Swanagan, Brian University of Georgia 2012
Swanenburg, Boudewijn Universiteit Leiden 1971
Swanepoel, Christaan University of Pretoria 1995
Swanepoel, Gerhard North-West University, Potchefstroom 1988
Swanepoel, Konrad University of Pretoria 1997
Swang, Theodore The Ohio State University 2017
Swan II, J. Edward The Ohio State University 1997
Swank, Aaron Stanford University 2009
Swank, Paul University of Northern Colorado 1979
Swank, Peter University of California, Los Angeles 1990
Swank, Rolland Michigan State University 1969
Swann, Abigail University of California, Berkeley 2010
Swann, Andrew University of Oxford 1990
Swann, Dale Stanford University 1960
Swann, Howard University of California, Berkeley 1968
Swann, Jonah Bryn Mawr College 2010
Swann, William University College London 1910
Swannack, Charles Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2010
Swanson, Albert University of Michigan 1936
Swanson, Ashley Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2012
Swanson, Charles University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1991
Swanson, Charles California Institute of Technology 1957
Swanson, Christopher University of Michigan 1999
Swanson, Colleen University of Waterloo 2013
Swanson, David Indiana University 2000
Swanson, Earl Iowa State University 1951
Swanson, E. Burton University of California, Berkeley 1972
Swanson, Elisabeth University of Georgia 1987
Swanson, Eric Stanford University 1998
Swanson, Erick Purdue University 2008
Swanson, Hillary 2015
Swanson, Irena Purdue University 1992
Swanson, Jason University of Washington 2004
Swanson, Joseph University of Wisconsin-Madison 1968
Swanson, Joshua University of Washington 2018
Swanson, Kristin University of Washington 1999
Swanson, Kurt Lund University 1998
Swanson, Kyle The University of Chicago 1995
Swanson, Laif University of California, Berkeley 1975
Swanson, Leonard Oregon State University 1971
Swanson, Leonard University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1947
Swanson, Norman University of California, San Diego 1994
Swanson, Rebecca Indiana University 2010
Swanson, Richard University of California, Santa Cruz 1976
Swanson, Steve University of Washington 2006
Swanson, Steven University of Washington 2006
Swanson, Steven Purdue University 1993
Swanson, Timothy London School of Economics and Political Science 1993
Swanson, Wendy Montana State University 1997
Swanton, Donald Northwestern University 1974