There are 19 mathematicians whose last name begin with SWAI.

Swailes, David University of Strathclyde 1990
Swaim, Paul Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981
Swain, Anthony University of Adelaide 1975
Swain, David Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1969
Swain, Donald Stanford University 1966
Swain, Gordon University of Massachusetts Amherst 1993
Swain, Henry University of Wisconsin-Madison 1897
Swain, James Purdue University 1982
Swain, Jitendriya Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 2009
Swain, Mark University of Rochester 1996
Swain, Michael University of Rochester 1990
Swain, Peter Imperial College London 1997
Swain, Pushpanjali University of Hyderabad 1992
Swain, Ralph Cornell University 1971
Swain, Robert University of Texas at Austin 1941
Swain, Robert Yale University 1904
Swain, Srinibas 2019
Swaine, Daniel Boston College 1989
Swaine, James Northwestern University 2014