There are 53 mathematicians whose last name begin with NEWM.

Newman, Alantha Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2004
Newman, Andrew The Ohio State University 2018
Newman, Andrew Harvard University 1989
Newman, Andrew University of Maryland College Park 1999
Newman, Bill University of Queensland 1968
Newman, Burton University of Southern California 2015
Newman, Charles Princeton University 1971
Newman, Christopher Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2003
Newman, Daniel Carnegie Mellon University 1990
Newman, David Princeton University 1996
Newman, Donald Harvard University 1958
Newman, D. Paul University of Texas at Austin 1977
Newman, Elsa Emory University 1993
Newman, Ezra Syracuse University 1956
Newman, Glenn Columbia University 1996
Newman, Ilan Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1991
Newman, James New York University 1969
Newman, John Stanford University 1965
Newman, John Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1960
Newman, Joshua New York University 1999
Newman, Julian Imperial College London 2016
Newman, Katherine University of California, Berkeley 1979
Newman, Kathie University of Washington 1982
Newman, Keith University of Newcastle upon Tyne 2017
Newman, Ken University of Washington 1993
Newman, Kenneth Cornell University 1970
Newman, Lindsay New York University 2014
Newman, Mark Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989
Newman, Mark University of Florida 2001
Newman, Matthew University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2002
Newman, Maxwell
Newman, Michael University of Waterloo 2004
Newman, Michael Princeton University 1992
Newman, Michael Victoria University of Manchester 1960
Newman, Morris University of Pennsylvania 1952
Newman, Nathan New York University 1959
Newman, Nick Auburn University 2009
Newman, Paul University of Sydney 1999
Newman, Peter
Newman, Peter University of Cambridge 1989
Newman, Philip Columbia University 1941
Newman, Robert University of California, Los Angeles 1980
Newman, Rogers University of Michigan 1961
Newman, Stephen University of Utah 1968
Newman, Thomas University of Texas at Austin 1967
Newman, Timothy University of Kansas 2007
Newman, William University of Wisconsin-Madison 1993
Newman, William Cornell University 1979
Newman, Yigal Stanford University 2004
Newman Jr., Leon Cornell University 1974
Newman, Jr., William The University of Iowa 1988
Newman-Wolfe, Richard University of Rochester 1986
Newmark, Nathan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1934