There are 18 mathematicians whose last name begin with LEIG.

Leiger, Toivo Ural State University 1979
Leigh, D. University of Cambridge 1955
Leigh, Daniel The Johns Hopkins University 2005
Leigh, Donald University of Cambridge 1954
Leigh, Duane
Leigh, Graham E University of Leeds 2010
Leigh, John University of Wisconsin-Madison 1979
Leigh, John
Leigh, Oliver University of British Columbia 2019
Leigh, Oliver University of Melbourne 2019
Leigh, Robert University of Texas at Austin 1991
Leighton, David Stanford University 1985
Leighton, F. Thomson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981
Leighton, Linda Columbia University 1978
Leighton, Ralph Brandeis University 1970
Leighton, Robert California Institute of Technology 1947
Leighton, Jr., Walter Harvard University 1935
Leigon, Charles Louisiana State University 2021