There are 69 mathematicians whose last name begin with XIO.

Xiong, Anqi New Jersey Institute of Technology 2020
Xiong, Bao-Lin Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2012
Xiong, Bo Shanghai Normal University 2004
Xiong, Bo Iowa State University 2012
Xiong, Bonnie Lehigh University 1989
Xiong, Changwei Tsinghua University 2015
Xiong, Chengjie National University of Singapore 2011
Xiong, Chuyu The Ohio State University 1991
Xiong, Dapeng University of Texas at Austin 1998
Xiong, Daxi Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2002
Xiong, Ge Wuhan University 2003
Xiong, Hailong University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2007
Xiong, Haoyi Télécom SudParis 2015
Xiong, Haoyi Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie - Paris VI 2015
Xiong, Heng University of Western Ontario 2018
Xiong, Heyu Northwestern University 2019
Xiong, Hongxia Stanford University 2007
Xiong, Huachun Tsinghua University 2011
Xiong, Huaiyu University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2004
Xiong, Huan Universität Zürich 2016
Xiong, Hui University of Arizona 2011
Xiong, Hui University of Minnesota-Minneapolis 2005
Xiong, Jianfei University of Hawaii 2005
Xiong, Jianxin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2001
Xiong, Jie The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1992
Xiong, Jiechao Peking University 2016
Xiong, Jincheng
Xiong, Jingang Beijing Normal University 2012
Xiong, Jingwei Bowling Green State University 2017
Xiong, Jinjun University of California, Los Angeles 2006
Xiong, Juan Western University 2010
Xiong, Jue The Ohio State University 2019
Xiong, Junjie Rutgers University, New Brunswick 1993
Xiong, Junlin University of Hong Kong 2007
Xiong, Kaiqi Claremont Graduate University 1997
Xiong, Li Georgia Institute of Technology 2005
Xiong, Liming Universiteit Twente 2001
Xiong, Linjie Wuhan University 2014
Xiong, Lu Middle Tennessee State University 2014
Xiong, Maosheng University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2007
Xiong, Quanren University of Kentucky 2004
Xiong, Rebecca Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2000
Xiong, Richard University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2005
Xiong, Rongchuan East China Normal University 2019
Xiong, Shaomin University of California, Berkeley 2014
Xiong, Sheng Temple University 2011
Xiong, Siyang Northwestern University 2009
Xiong, Tao The Johns Hopkins University 2017
Xiong, Tao University of Science and Technology of China 2012
Xiong, Wei Duke University 2001
Xiong, Wei The Ohio State University 2008
Xiong, Wei Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2010
Xiong, Wenting University of Pittsburgh 2015
Xiong, Xiao-Jin McGill University 1998
Xiong, Xiaopeng Purdue University 2007
Xiong, Xiaoping University of Maryland College Park 2005
Xiong, Xiaoqin University of Waterloo 2010
Xiong, Xiaorong University of Washington 2004
Xiong, Xiaoxu University of Illinois at Chicago 2006
Xiong, Xin University of Pittsburgh 2014
Xiong, Yaofei University of Western Ontario 2014
Xiong, Yongliang Université Bordeaux 1 2010
Xiong, Yuan The Johns Hopkins University 2011
Xiong, Yueshan Shanghai University 1992
Xiong, Yupei University of Maryland College Park 2005
Xiong, Zheng Xin University of Manitoba 1992
Xiong, Zhi-ping Lanzhou University 2009
Xiong, Zhiyong Coventry University 2007
Xiong, Zixiang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1996