There are 51 mathematicians whose last name begin with SNY.

Snydal, Craig University of Cambridge 2001
Snyder, Alan Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1978
Snyder, Allan
Snyder, Andrew Lehigh University 1965
Snyder, Benjamin Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2010
Snyder, Brian The Ohio State University 1999
Snyder, Christopher Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989
Snyder, David University of Tennessee - Knoxville 1988
Snyder, Donald Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1966
Snyder, Eric University of Western Ontario 2000
Snyder, Gregory Harvard University 2013
Snyder, Herbert Lehigh University 1965
Snyder, Jack Columbia University 1981
Snyder, James University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1994
Snyder, James California Institute of Technology 1985
Snyder, James University of Michigan 1971
Snyder, Jason University of North Texas 2009
Snyder, John
Snyder, John University of Missouri - Columbia 2018
Snyder, Katherine Wayne State University 2006
Snyder, Kristine University of Colorado at Boulder 2011
Snyder, Larry Purdue University 1964
Snyder, Lawrence Northwestern University 2003
Snyder, Lawrence Carnegie Mellon University 1973
Snyder, Martin New York University 1966
Snyder, Michael
Snyder, Michael University of Texas at Austin 2006
Snyder, Mitchell The University of Chicago 1966
Snyder, Noah University of California, Berkeley 2009
Snyder, Patricia North Carolina State University 1985
Snyder, Paul University of Southern California 1986
Snyder, Peter University of Illinois at Chicago 2018
Snyder, Ralph
Snyder, Richard
Snyder, Richard Columbia University 1949
Snyder, Richard The University of Memphis 2018
Snyder, Richard Illinois Institute of Technology 1977
Snyder, Scott Case Western Reserve University 2005
Snyder, Susan Stanford University 1995
Snyder, Timothy Princeton University 1987
Snyder, Virgil Georg-August-Universität Göttingen 1895
Snyder, Walter The Ohio State University 1939
Snyder, Wayne University of Pennsylvania 1988
Snyder, William Merritt Jr. (Chip) University of Maryland College Park 1977
Snyder, Jr., John University of New Mexico 1999
Snyders, Jakov
Snygg, Charles University of Michigan 1970
Snygg, John New York University 1967
Snyman, Izak University of South Africa 1983
Snyman, Jan
Snyman, Stephan Universiteit Stellenbosch 2019