There are 14 mathematicians whose last name begin with MACN.

MacNab, Ying Simon Fraser University 1999
MacNair, Simon University of Wisconsin-Madison 2000
Macnamara, Shev University of Queensland
MacNamara, Sinead Princeton University 2007
MacNay, Lucy University of Aberdeen 2005
Macnee, Alan Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1948
MacNeice, Peter University of Cambridge 1983
Macneil, Andrew Monash University 1976
MacNeil, J. Michael (John) University of Edinburgh 2016
MacNeil, Mary University of Texas School of Public Health 2001
MacNeill, Ian Stanford University 1969
MacNeille, Holbrook Harvard University 1935
MacNeish, Harris The University of Chicago 1909
Macner, Ashley Cornell University 2015