There are 22 mathematicians whose last name begin with HYD.

Hyde, Craig University of Arizona 1998
Hyde, Damon Northeastern University 2008
Hyde, David Stanford University 2019
Hyde, Edward California Institute of Technology 2003
Hyde, John Stanford University 1977
Hyde, Kayleigh Chapman University 2020
Hyde, Kendell University of Utah 1969
Hyde, Matthew University of Edinburgh 2021
Hyde, Oliver University of Limerick 1993
Hyde, Richard University of Cambridge 1991
Hyde, Scott Montana State University 2004
Hyde, T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1996
Hyde, Trevor University of Michigan 2019
Hyde, Valerie University of Maryland College Park 2007
Hyde, William
Hydell, Richard Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1977
Hyden, John Cornell University 1934
Hyden, Paul Cornell University 2003
Hyder, Ali Universität Basel 2017
Hyder, Syed University of Texas at Austin 1994
Hydon, Peter University of Cambridge 1992
Hydorn, Debra University of Michigan 1993