There are 100 mathematicians whose last name begin with HW.

Hwa, Rebecca Harvard University 2001
Hwa, Theodore Stanford University 2003
Hwang, Andrew University of California, Berkeley 1993
Hwang, Antonio University of Michigan 1975
Hwang, Betty University of Texas at Austin 1990
Hwang, Chang-Ha University of Michigan 1991
Hwang, Chao-Ming Chung Yuan Christian University 2007
Hwang, Chao-Wei Harvard University 2002
Hwang, Cheng-Neng Texas A&M University 1990
Hwang, Chien-Hwa University of Southern California 2003
Hwang, Chii-Ruey Brown University 1978
Hwang, Chi-Ok University of Southern Mississippi 1999
Hwang, Chorng-Yuan University of California, Berkeley 1996
Hwang, Daesik Oregon State University 1991
Hwang, Dae Song Seoul National University 1997
Hwang, Dar-Shong University of Minnesota-Minneapolis 1971
Hwang, Dawsen Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2016
Hwang, Deborah Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1994
Hwang, Dongming North Carolina State University 1991
Hwang, DongSeon Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology 2009
Hwang, E-Bin Texas Tech University 1980
Hwang, Eunju Indiana University 2002
Hwang, Eunmi Tufts University 1990
Hwang, Feng-Nan University of Colorado Boulder 2004
Hwang, Fengtai The Ohio State University 2000
Hwang, Frank North Carolina State University 1968
Hwang, Guenbo State University of New York at Buffalo 2009
Hwang, Hae-Shin University of Minnesota-Minneapolis 1976
Hwang, Hai University of Texas at Austin 1984
Hwang, Helen University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1997
Hwang, Ho Seong Seoul National University 2007
Hwang, Hoyoung University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 1998
Hwang, Hsien-Kuei École Polytechnique 1994
Hwang, Huan-Shen North Carolina State University 1997
Hwang, Huey-Luen University of Illinois at Chicago 1982
Hwang, Hyung Brown University 2002
Hwang, Hyung-Tae Seoul National University 1990
Hwang, Ing-Lung Purdue University 1986
Hwang, Inseok Stanford University 2004
Hwang, Insoo University of Texas at Austin 2013
Hwang, I-Shyan State University of New York at Buffalo 1994
Hwang, Jeong-Hyon Brown University 2008
Hwang, Jew-Chen City University of New York 1979
Hwang, Jiunn Purdue University 1979
Hwang, John Oregon State University 1968
Hwang, Jungbin University of California, San Diego 2016
Hwang, Jungsun Missouri University of Science and Technology 1992
Hwang, Jun Hyeok Seoul National University 2008
Hwang, Jun-Muk Harvard University 1993
Hwang, Jun-Shung Wayne State University 1971
Hwang, Kai University of California, Berkeley 1972
Hwang, Kwisung State University of New York at Stony Brook 1996
Hwang, Kyung-Won University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2005
Hwang, Lingo Temple University 1987
Hwang, Lucius Stanford University 1995
Hwang, Mei-Yuh Carnegie Mellon University 1993
Hwang, Ming-Jeng Texas A&M University 1973
Hwang, Ren-Hung University of Massachusetts Amherst 1993
Hwang, Rong University of Florida 1976
Hwang, Sang North Carolina State University 2005
Hwang, Sangpil North Carolina State University 2004
Hwang, San-Yih University of Minnesota-Minneapolis 1994
Hwang, Seok University of Wisconsin-Madison 2002
Hwang, Seung University of Florida 1986
Hwang, Seungsu State University of New York at Stony Brook 1996
Hwang, Seung-Won
Hwang, Shang-Shouq University of Maryland College Park 1984
Hwang, Shin-Feng Chiao-Tung University 1989
Hwang, Shu-Yuen University of Washington 1989
Hwang, Shyn-In University of Maryland College Park 1995
Hwang, Sonjong University of Utah 2002
Hwang, Suk University of Wisconsin-Madison 1985
Hwang, Sung-Ha University of Massachusetts Amherst 2011
Hwang, Sung Jin University of Michigan 2012
Hwang, Sunwook University of Connecticut 1990
Hwang, Taein University of Rhode Island 1988
Hwang, Tea-Yuan University of Wisconsin-Madison 1972
Hwang, Ting-Kai National Taiwan University 2001
Hwang, Tsung-Min National Tsing Hua University 1994
Hwang, W. D. National Cheng Kung University 1992
Hwang, Wei-Ting The Johns Hopkins University 2001
Hwang, Wen-Dar University of Michigan 1986
Hwang, Wen-Han National Chung Hsing University 1997
Hwang, Wey-Shiuan Michigan State University 1999
Hwang, William Cornell University 1978
Hwang, Wonchul The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2011
Hwang, Woonjae State University of New York at Stony Brook 2000
Hwang, Yan-An National Tsing Hua University 1998
Hwang, Yean-Yow University of California, Los Angeles 1999
Hwang, Yeou-Huei Purdue University 1985
Hwang, Yi-Ting University of Maryland College Park 1999
Hwang, Yong University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1988
Hwang, Yoon University of California, San Diego 1992
Hwang, Youngdeok University of Wisconsin-Madison 2012
Hwang, Youngjin Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006
Hwang, Youngki Syracuse University 2002
Hwang, Yuan-Maw University of California, Los Angeles 1990
Hwang, Yusun University of Southern California 2014
Hwang-Ma, Shu-Yin Brown University 1979
Hwu, Wen-Mei University of California, Berkeley 1987