There are 57 mathematicians whose last name begin with HSIE.

Hsieh, Ai-Ni University of KwaZulu-Natal 2009
Hsieh, Bo-Wei National Taiwan University 2001
Hsieh, Chang-Chao University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1998
Hsieh, Chang-Tseh Purdue University 1978
Hsieh, Che-Jen University of Georgia 1993
Hsieh, Cheng-Hong The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1989
Hsieh, Chi-Hung University of Northern Colorado 1993
Hsieh, Cho-Jui
Hsieh, Chuan Kansas State University 1987
Hsieh, Chun-Chung Yale University 1990
Hsieh, Chung-Han University of Wisconsin-Madison 2019
Hsieh, Chung-Lih University of California, Berkeley 1972
Hsieh, David Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981
Hsieh, David Columbia University 1969
Hsieh, Din-Yu
Hsieh, Edward University of Houston 1989
Hsieh, Fushing Cornell University 1991
Hsieh, Fu-Shiung National Taiwan University 1992
Hsieh, Gary Carnegie Mellon University 2010
Hsieh, Harry University of California, Berkeley 2000
Hsieh, Hsin-Ju University of California, Los Angeles 2005
Hsieh, Hsung-Cheng University of California, Berkeley 1960
Hsieh, Hui-Kuang University of Wisconsin-Madison 1976
Hsieh, Jen-Chieh North Dakota State University 1999
Hsieh, Jian-tu University of Wisconsin-Madison 1985
Hsieh, Jin-Jian National Chiao Tung University 2006
Hsieh, John-Tien University of Florida 1978
Hsieh, June New York University 1984
Hsieh, June-Nan Chung Yuan Christian University 2010
Hsieh, Kevin Carnegie Mellon University 2019
Hsieh, Liang-Yu University of Wisconsin-Madison 2001
Hsieh, Lienzu University of Florida 1981
Hsieh, Meng-Chen New York University 2006
Hsieh, Michael Princeton University 2008
Hsieh, Ming Louisiana State University 1974
Hsieh, Ming-Hua Stanford University 1998
Hsieh, Ming-Lun Columbia University 2008
Hsieh, Min-Hsiu University of Southern California 2008
Hsieh, Philip University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1964
Hsieh, Pi-Fuei Purdue University 1998
Hsieh, Po-Hsun University of Maryland College Park 1997
Hsieh, Shang-Hsien Cornell University 1993
Hsieh, Shih-Yang The Pennsylvania State University 1997
Hsieh, T. University of British Columbia 1971
Hsieh, Tsung-Yu The Pennsylvania State University 2021
Hsieh, Tung-Ju University of California, Irvine 2006
Hsieh, Wan-chen University of Maryland College Park 1977
Hsieh, Wei-Hua Iowa State University 1991
Hsieh, Wen-Ning Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1974
Hsieh, William University of British Columbia 1981
Hsieh, Wilson Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1995
Hsieh, Ya-Ching University of California, Los Angeles 2007
Hsieh, Yi-Chern National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan 2009
Hsieh, Yi-Chih The University of Iowa 1995
Hsieh, Ying-Hen Carnegie Mellon University 1982
Hsieh, Yu-Lung Feng Chia University 2014
Hsieh, Yu-Wei New York University 2012