There are 48 mathematicians whose last name begin with HAO.

Hao, Botao Purdue University 2019
Hao, Cheng State University of New York at Stony Brook 2015
Hao, Chengcheng Stockholm University 2014
Hao, Chengchun Chinese Academy of Sciences 2005
Hao, Chun-Lin Chinese Academy of Sciences 2011
Hao, Dinh Nho Freie Universität Berlin 1991
Hao, Eric University of Michigan 1998
Hao, Fang Georgia Institute of Technology 2000
Hao, Fangcheng University of Hong Kong 2011
Hao, Feng University of Cambridge 2007
Hao, Feng Purdue University 2018
Hao, Guanshengrui Washington University in St. Louis 2019
Hao, Han The Pennsylvania State University 2016
Hao, Hong Stanford University 1993
Hao, Jian University of Houston 2007
Hao, Jian University of Louisiana at Lafayette 1999
Hao, Jianbin Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 1994
Hao, Jiaqi Rice University 2011
Hao, Jing University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018
Hao, Jiucang University of California, San Diego 2008
Hao, Lihua North Carolina State University 2014
Hao, Lina Northeast Normal University 2014
Hao, Miin-Jong Georgia Institute of Technology 1995
Hao, Ning State University of New York at Stony Brook 2009
Hao, Ning Tufts University 2014
Hao, Shuai University of Illinois at Chicago 2019
Hao, Shuang Georgia Institute of Technology 2014
Hao, Wei University of Michigan 2021
Hao, Wei Princeton University 2018
Hao, Wenge Northern Illinois University 1994
Hao, Wenrui University of Notre Dame 2013
Hao, Xiazhi East China Normal University 2018
Hao, Xue State University of New York at Stony Brook 2015
Hao, Xuemiao The University of Iowa 2009
Hao, Yan College of William and Mary 2012
Hao, Yang
Hao, Ying National University of Singapore 2008
Hao, Yong University of Toronto 1990
Hao, Yue The Johns Hopkins University 2002
Hao, Yue Lanzhou University 2021
Hao, Yun Freie Universität Berlin 2019
Hao, Zheng University of California, Los Angeles 1994
Hao, Zheng Kansas State University 2014
Hao, Zhongjun University of Texas at Dallas 1988
Hao, Zijiang College of William and Mary 2019
Haot, Fabienne Universiteit Gent 2006
Haouam, Kamel Université Aix-Marseille 2007
Haourigui,   Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour