There are 28 mathematicians whose last name begin with BREW.

Brew, Lewis The University of Mines and Technology 2017
Breward, Christopher University of Oxford 1999
Brewer, Dennis University of Wisconsin-Madison 1975
Brewer, Elijah Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1985
Brewer, Eric Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1994
Brewer, Forrest University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1988
Brewer, Harlin University of Arkansas 1975
Brewer, James Florida State University 1968
Brewer, James Florida State University 1965
Brewer, John University of California, Berkeley 1966
Brewer, Joseph University of Oregon 1997
Brewer, Lora Vanderbilt University 1992
Brewer, Paul California Institute of Technology 1995
Brewer, Robert University of Hawaii 2013
Brewer, Sky University of York 2017
Brewer, Thomas University of Kentucky 2014
Brewer, Jr., Winfred University of Missouri - Columbia 1939
Brewin, Leo Monash University 1984
Brewington, Brian Dartmouth College 2000
Brewis, Louis Universität Ulm 2009
Brewka, Gerhard Universität Hamburg 1989
Brewster, Benjamin University of Kentucky 1970
Brewster, Douglas University of Cambridge 1977
Brewster, Gregory University of Wisconsin-Madison 1994
Brewster, John University of British Columbia 1972
Brewster, Mary California Institute of Technology 1987
Brewster, Rick Simon Fraser University 1993
Brewster, Stephen The Ohio State University 1978